Pixar’s Inside Out – ANGER Plush

Disney/Pixar’s latest movie success came from the mind of a teenage girl. Well, not exactly, it obviously came from the minds of hundreds of very talented and creative people! But it was about the mind of a teenage girl.

Disney Merchandise 004

I suppose we could get into a discussion of how creepy it would be to have two males inside the head of a teenage girl at all times, but let’s skip that for the sake of this post! I especially want to skip this because my favorite character was:

Disney Merchandise 001

ANGER (in his Anger Management suit)

We visited a Disney store this past weekend and were delighted to find that Inside Out merchandise was still on display. The above plush is one of the best versions of this character I’ve seen.

Disney Merchandise 002

The Disney Store does create some very good exclusive items. This piece is one:

Disney Merchandise 003

This little hothead set me back a reasonable $16.95 CAN (but don’t tell him I said that, I want him to think I’m angry about the price!) But my American readers can pick him up for $14.95 US.

Anger was voiced by Lewis Black. For another piece of Anger merchandise, as well as a few of the other emotions, please see the post entitled DMR: Inside Out Pop!s

So what is your favorite emotion from Riley’s head?

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