Mickey & Minnie Champagne Glasses

No day off for me would be complete without a visit to an antique and collectible shop. Next to that is the old standby: The Charity Shop! I Usually frequent Value Village, but this past weekend, I found a new shop called Talize.

I walked through the place looking for Disney items, and found a few things, but nothing worth ‘saving’ into my collection or for future resale. But my wife admitted she had seen something I would probably like (you see, she doesn’t always want to help me feed my collecting bug) and took me back to the glassware aisle to show me:

Disney Merchandise 014

Not one set, but two!

Karen and I don’t have a lot of wine glasses as we don’t drink much. But as these were wedding-themed, and we have just passed our 25th Anniversary, I felt they needed to call our cupboard home!

Disney Merchandise 016     Disney Merchandise 017

Looking neat and pretty!

Disney Merchandise 018

These cost me a whopping 69 cents each. They are glass with a stencil, and not the more expensive crystal type with engraving. A set of those would be upwards of $50 a pair. These may be worth about $5.00 a pair.

But a night sipping wine or champagne out of them with my lady fair? Priceless!

For another wine-related post, please see Disney Cruise Wine Selection.

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  1. I might just have to swap out our shoots for these at my Wine Bar lol! Those are great!

  2. TeresaR says:

    Love those glasses. They are exactly what I would have bought upon seeing them myslf.

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