Toy Story Woody Plush Backpack

If I had to choose a favorite character from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, it would be Buzz Lightyear. But as a disneyana collector, I’m an equal opportunity kind of guy! So when I found this Woody backpack at a local charity shop, I just had to buy it:


30″ tall with hard vinyl head

I found him in excellent shape. But honestly, as far as a backpack goes, he falls a little short! This is how much room you have (in his back) to store things:


More like a purse than a backpack


Original tag and nice detailing on the belt buckle

There is another version that is a full plush backpack. The plush face doesn’t have the same character as the vinyl one:

Photograph by Cute Sense

The full plush version would be more child friendly, as the hard vinyl face of the backpack I have could hurt if it were to strike the face. But if your child just wanted to take a very realistic Woody pal along with them, you couldn’t ask for a better back-buddy!

The 30″ Woody backpack is presently being sold on eBay for upwards of $30.00 US but I feel it is worth more than that. There is no manufacturer on the labels, but it does state that the item was made in China.

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  1. I agree the “bag” if we dare call it that with the vinyl face is much nicer than the second one.

    Love your Disney finds!

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