Disney Commuter Assistance

I love finding odd little pieces of Disney ephemera. The find is especially good when it involves Cast Member booklets or documentation. I don’t remember where I got this particular piece, although eBay is a likely source.

Disney Commuter Assistance 002

This helpful booklet is 6″ x 9 1/4″ in size and broken down into five main sections. The purpose is to encourage new (and presumably existing) Cast Members to consider the benefits and conveniences of a better commute strategy.

The inside front cover has a message from Walt Disney about conservation:

Disney Commuter Assistance 003

Jiminy Cricket introduces Disney’s Environmentality on the first page, although the words contained therein are attributed to Kris McNamara, who was the Vice President of the Corporate Environmental Policy division of The Walt Disney Company at the time.

A team of transit planning specialists were available (and I can only assume they still are, if this program is still operative today) to help Cast Members plan their commutes to and from work each shift period. Let’s look at the five avenues available:

Disney Commuter Assistance 005

Disney Commuter Assistance 006

Disney Commuter Assistance 007

Disney Commuter Assistance 008

Disney Commuter Assistance 009

This particular booklet is obviously for Cast Members of the Disneyland Resort, but similar ones must have been, or are, available for Cast Members working at Walt Disney World and perhaps other Parks worldwide.

Disney had (has?) a program to reward Cast Members who are involved in clean air commute activity. Enrolled Cast Members received two points for every day of reported clean air commuting. Two points equaled one US dollar. Amounts could be carried over to subsequent years, but when redeemed, the money would be added to the Cast Members pay check (with taxes deducted). Or Cast Members could opt for a gift card, but tax deductions would still apply.

Tucked into the back of the booklet is a supplemental pamphlet called Disneyland Resort Guidelines and Enrollment, which contains all of the rules and eligibilities. A nice touch is the rear pocket it is tucked into:

Disney Commuter Assistance 010

Transportation is a reoccurring theme throughout the booklet

So would you like to enroll? Just use this handy Disney Commuter Assistance Enrollment Card, and let Jiminy be your guide!

Disney Commuter Assistance 011

And as Kris McNamara concludes in her introduction entitled Disney’s Environmentality, and I quote: “Thank you for choosing to make a difference!”

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  1. TeresaR says:

    that is a neat pamphlet. I remember seeing them for other companies though I never saw the one for Disneyland.

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