Precious Moments Figurines

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of the Precious Moments line of characters and figurines. I find I can’t connect with the big-eyed children. But…

Precious Moments 009

Throw in a touch of Disney, and…

Precious Moments started to incorporate the big-eyed children interacting with Disney characters, and as a disneyana collector, I got sucked in!

Precious Moments 001

Precious Moments 2 001

I love the renderings. The sculpts are done very well and the subject matter is well thought out. It’s just too cute that the little girl with Sulley has Sulley slippers!

Precious Moments 2 003

There are even some figures where the children are dressed as their favorite Disney character as well as interacting with a presumably plush friend.

Precious Moments 2 002

Also, I found the figurine above, which features a young Rapunzel with Pascal. With this figurine, the Precious Moments style certainly works!

One of my favorite pieces is the snow globe below:

Precious Moments Buzz 001     Precious Moments Buzz 002

Precious Moments Buzz 003

I love the rocket ship design (based on the claw game from Pizza Planet). The ‘snow’ and the music just makes it even better! These figurines are part of the Disney Showcase Collection.

We have one last piece, but it doesn’t feature the trademark big-eyed children of the Precious Moments stable. Instead, it simply has Mickey and Minnie chillin’ on the coach:

Splash Mountain Sculpture 001

This is how Karen and I watch TV

We have been adding new pieces to our collection by purchasing at Carlton Cards when they have their ‘buy one get another half-off’ sale. Who knows what characters will be added in the future? Karen and I will be in-store to find out!

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  1. My grandmother loved collecting Precious Moments. I always loved looking at the adorable figures in her collection. I now have a few pieces from her collection decorating my home. I’m hoping to add some Disney Precious Moments figures someday…the problem is figuring out which ones to get. They’re all so cute!

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