Disney’s California Adventure – Tow Mater Hoods

No matter where I am, I’m always drawn to old things. Old buildings. Decaying properties. Or rusty cars. These things have a history and a back story that we may never know, but it fires the imagination to think of what they may have been when they were new.

Although the following image is from Disney’s California Adventure theme park in California (Carsland specifically) the concept still applies:

Tow Mater Hoods

Could one of these be Mater’s lost hood?

In the movie Cars, by Pixar, Mater has lost his hood long ago. He is now a rusty old tow truck. But in his day, he was a shiny blue tow truck. At the end of the movie, he finds his old rusty hood, only to lose it again.

Junkyards are great for photography, both for the rusty subject matter, and also for the random placement of items, as in the image above. Add the weeds and leaves, and you have a slice of (in this case fabricated) life!

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