Found Disney: Walt Disney Visits Studio 1 at NBC

We usually associate Walt Disney with the ABC network due to the fact that they sponsored Disneyland in return for a program called Disneyland (1954-1959). But ABC was not set up to broadcast in color, so although the basic format remained the same, the series moved to NBC on September 24, 1961.

We all know and love Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color (1961–1969).

All of this was brought to my mind while I was watching bonus content on a Johnny Carson DVD. And this is what I saw:

Walt at NBC

Notice a familiar face? I’ll highlight it for you:

Walt at NBC 2

As you walk into the Artists Entrance of NBC Studio 1 you see these renderings of famous personalities that were associated with the network. After Walt Disney (circled), there is Jimmy Durante, Jack Benny, Groucho Marx, Don Rickles, Chico and the Man, and Steve Allen (the first host of The Tonight Show, and the man who was instrumental in innovating the concept of the television talk show), among others.

I just love it when I catch a Disney reference in unexpected places!

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