Disney Horses Coming On Duty

For every Disney Cast Member, they must start their day by going onstage for another shift. For human CM’s, this involves a visit to wardrobe and a little trip to their ‘land’ via the underground tunnels (or Utilidors) of Walt Disney World. But how do things go for the non-human CM’s?

Let’s have a look by visiting The Magic Kingdom:

Horse CMs 1 +

“So, are we going, or what?”

Horse CMs 2     Horse CMs 3

I wonder if these Cast Members get horseflies in their stomaches before going onstage? I was thrilled to see this beautiful animal getting ready to pull the trolley out of the Car Barn and onto Main Street USA!

Horse CMs 4

Horse CMs 5

This isn’t meant to be part of the attractions at the Disney Parks, but I wasn’t the only one getting a kick out of watching the process.

Horse CMs 6

Ready to go!

For a look at a place that also has vintage vehicle rides, check out my previous post entitled Disney Main Street Vehicles.

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