Found Disney: Mickey Mouse Shoe Bag

I’m always finding lost Disney treasures tucked away in the corners of antique stores and flea markets. But I don’t always have the money or the inclination to add them to my personal Disney collection.

However, there are times when a certain piece strikes my fancy, and I have to at least take a photograph and share it here:

Mickey Shoe Bag

Room for 6 pairs of shoes

The great thing about pieces like this is that you can re-purpose them. This could be used to hold almost anything!

Usually cloth items like this are created by consumers from patterns. But this one actually has a factory tag:

Mickey Shoe Bag Tag

There isn’t much online about this artist. I did find this item for sale on eBay for just over $30.00 US. I can only assume that it would likely date from the 1980’s due to the material and style.

Mickey Shoe Bag Ribbon

The Walt Disney Productions copyright on the ribbon dates it to before 1987. So my theory that it is a ‘child’ of the 80’s is gaining credibility !

So keep your eyes open for you never know where a Disney treasure may be hiding!

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