Disney Souvenirs You Can Buy for Under $20 – Refillable Mugs

Today I’d like to share a souvenir that you can find at the Disney Parks for under $20.

I’m suggesting the new Rapid Fill Cups:

Rapid Fill Sign

Just under the $20, even after taxes

Or way under the $20 if you only stay for a day or two! I have to admit that I haven’t used the new Rapid Fill mug system yet. On the surface, I’m not a fan! I feel that Disney can afford to give free unlimited refills of cheap beverages like pop, hot chocolate, tea and coffee after charging you for the cup.

Rapid Fill Station

The new dispensing system (above) limits the amounts you can get. But let’s not focus on the negative side of these souvenir cups!

Rapid Fill Colors

So many colors to choose from!

Each year Disney produces a new graphic design for these cups. Usually there are three or four (or more) lid colors to choose from too. This is handy, as you can differentiate your cup from the cups of the other members of your party.

Over the years, you can create quite a collection of cups!

Rapid Fill Cups

How many different designs are in YOUR Disney collection?

The benefit of these cups is that they will remind you of your Disney vacation for years after you arrive home. You can link each design to the year and location of each individual vacation. By taking these mugs along with you to school or work, you can extend your Disney fun!

And how many of these little gems do you have in your cupboards? Be honest!

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10 Responses to Disney Souvenirs You Can Buy for Under $20 – Refillable Mugs

  1. Lee we do have a collection of these mugs. The aggravating part is if you come a lot you have to buy new ones. My husband uses them at home all of the time and they do keep his tea hot on his way to work.

  2. My kids use these all the time in out house. One kid has actually turned one of the mugs into his morning cereal bowl.

  3. Pam Ilosky says:

    I have not used the Rapid fill mugs as most of the time I stay off property but I love the designs of the mugs! I wish they would bring back the individual designs for the Resorts. I only see those on Ebay now.

  4. Patricia says:

    We use out mugs by our pool at home.

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