Glow in the Dark ‘Inside Out’ ANGER Figurine

I’m quite taken with the Anger character from Pixar’s hit movie Inside Out. I now have several likenesses of him. This latest one may be on the fast track to become my favorite:

Anger 1

Anger 2  Anger 3

This is a figure released in the Disney Showcase Collection. It is produced by Enesco. And this particular one does something special:

Anger 4  Anger 5

I haven’t been able to expose the figure to enough light to see this feature in action, but it is something to look forward to, no?

Anger 6

So when people wonder about my love of Disney, and express how it might not be totally appropriate for a man of my age (over 30, ah-hem), I like to point out the last line that you see above: ‘Intended for Adults Only’.

I rest my case. And I intend to keep collecting!

Before I close this post, I would like to share two more items that we have collected for my wife, Karen. If I relate to the character of Anger, her favorite is of a different color:

Sadness 1  Sadness 2

The little figure on the left is, of course, Sadness from the Disney Infinity collection of playable characters. The plush on the right is an 8″ figure of Sadness that we obtained by redeeming points with Disney Movie Rewards.

Of the five emotions in Inside Out, we definitely like Anger and Sadness the best! Which character is your favorite?

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