Disney’s Fort Wilderness Mugs

Friends of ours just gave us some older mugs that they no longer had room for. We’re always happy to give a good home to orphaned Disney merchandise!

And so I would like to share with you three (technically four) Fort Wilderness mugs:

Fort Wilderness Mugs 001

6″ high

At one time you could buy a drink at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and get these great souvenir boot mugs. It was little extras like this that made Disney such a magical place to visit back in the day!

Fort Wilderness Mugs 002

Tin-style Logo Mug

I don’t know the year of this but it is fairly early. Although ceramic, it is modeled after the old tin cups that campers used to use. A very nice idea!

And last but not least:

Fort Wilderness Mugs 003

Mickey and Minnie love to RV!

I believe this to be an early mug due to the globe-with-ears logo on the Fort Wilderness sign. And if we take a closer look, we can see some fun details:

  • Chip and Dale are about to drop a water balloon on Mickey’s RV
  • Mickey has a bird house attached to the side of his RV
  • Minnie has added a wooden flower box to the side of the RV, complete with flowers!
  • Goofy and Donald are putting up a tent as Mickey’s RV arrives (see below)

Mug Detail

Donald looks upset already!

I must say, when Karen and I stayed at Fort Wilderness, we didn’t quite stay in something as luxurious as Mickey’s RV. But we had fun and would recommend a visit to Disney’s Fort Wilderness to anyone!

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