Pixar’s INSIDE OUT Zanai Chocolate Eggs

Zanai has done it again! Just when I think I can resist their chocolate eggs, they go and make them irresistable by adding Disney or Pixar characters I just have to have:

Inside Out Zanini 001     Inside Out Zanini 002

Two ways to view chocolate: Joy and Fear!

I recently stopped off at a local convenience store to pick up a chocolate bar (because I didn’t get up early enough to make breakfast or lunch for later) and noticed the Zanai chocolate display. There was a Barbie set, some generic-toy set, but in amongst them were just two remaining Inside Out eggs. And just like that, they were mine!

Inside Out Zanini 003

Fear wasn’t too excited about the unwrapping process

Inside Out Zanini 004

The capsule with the prize inside

Inside Out Zanini 008     Inside Out Zanini 009

One eraser (left) and one pendant (right)

Anger (above left) is, of course, one of the main characters from Inside Out. I was hoping for something that would depict him!

Rainbow Unicorn (above right) is a character who lives in Riley’s mind at Dream Productions, where she stars in Riley’s dreams. She was notably in a dream titled Fairy Dream Adventure Part 7. Joy is apparently a huge fan of her. She is the second Pixar character to be a unicorn after Buttercup from Toy Story 3.

Inside Out Zanini 005

Here is the full line of collectibles for this set

I haven’t found the remaining characters yet, but I am keeping a look-out for them. If you would like to see more Zanai chocolate eggs, and the characters within, please read our post entitled  Disney’s Frozen Zanai Chocolate Eggs.

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