Retro Mickey Mouse Plush

We have just recently moved to a new area, and now that our move is basically complete, I am finding collectibles I didn’t know I had, or had long ago forgot about. The plush in this post is a case in point:

Retro Mickey 4

Posed for action!

This is a copy, hence the ‘Retro’ designation in the title, of the original Mickey Mouse plush dolls one could buy back in the 1930’s.

Retro Mickey 5

Retro Mickey 6

I’m glad Disney decided to release these nice reproductions, as I would not be able to afford an actual vintage Mickey!

Retro Mickey 1     Retro Mickey 3

Love the tail!

Retro Mickey 2

Sitting pretty

The only part of Mickey that is posable are the legs. So you can have him standing on the shelf, or sitting pretty.

Although Mickey was a bit more rat-like in his early days of plush, I still think he was cute! Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the retro paneling in the background of the photos! I Thought it would make the post more retro-authentic!

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