Disney’s PLANES Tractor Buck Character and Friend

The movie Planes (which was simply a redo of the script for Cars) wasn’t one of my favorites. But the sequel, Planes: Fire and Rescue, was much better, and had some very interesting characters. And interesting characters means interesting merchandise!

To see some of this merchandise, please read my early posts entitled Disney CHiPs and CHoPs and Merchandise: Planes – Fire and Rescue. When you’re done, be sure to return and have a look at this:

Tractor Buck 3

Tractor Buck 1     Tractor Buck 2


Tractors as dumber characters started in Cars with the tractor-tipping scene when Mater was showing Lightning McQueen a country good time. In Planes – Fire and Rescue, the theme is continued brilliantly with this buck decked out in John Deere green:

Tractor Buck 4     Tractor Buck 6

Tractor Buck 5

The wheels turn

Wondering what Tractor Buck would look like if he were tipped? Wonder no more:

Tractor Buck 7

When we visited Disneyland and got to tour the awesome Cars Land, we enjoyed the attraction Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. The ride vehicle is made up of a cow tractor pulling a wagon. I was able to find this die-cast version:

MJJ Ride Vehicle 1     MJJ Ride Vehicle 2

MJJ Ride Vehicle 4

We didn’t get tipped, just spun around!

Of all the clever nature-into-vehicles transformations, I think the cow-into-tractors and tractor buck are the most ingenious! What are your favorite Cars/Planes characters?

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