Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Train Figurine Playset

I usually don’t buy these figurine playsets, as I find them a bit pricey for what you get. However, upon buying my first set and opening it, I find the quality to be very good. But why did I buy this particular set?

Let’s have a look and I’ll explain:

MCH Figurines 1

MCH Figurines 2

Six figures for $19.99 CAN

You may have noticed the train motif? I plan to set up a large Disney monorail and train display in my basement soon, and when I saw these figures, I knew they would be a fitting addition to make the whole thing look authentic!

MCH Mickey Engineer     First, we have Mickey Mouse as the Engineer

Donald Duck the Fireman. Not thrilled with the job!     MCH Donald Fireman

MCH Goofy Porter     MCH Pluto Helper

Goofy is the Porter, but needs a little help!

And what train trip would be complete without a passenger? So Minnie Mouse is ready to go:

MCH Minnie Passenger

MCH Pete Conductor     Oops! Needs her ticket from Pete, the Conductor!

These six train-themed figures from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse television series should make all the difference to my monorail/train layout!

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