Mickey Mouse Kazoo

This product is somewhat misnamed. The Mickey Mouse Kazoo is more like a blowhorn that one would use at a college pep rally. Have a look for yourself:

MM Kazoo 1

Rah Rah Shish Boom Bah!

This is a basic plastic toy, probably from the 1970’s, that doesn’t do much. You can yell in it all you want, but little amplification will occur! Although I did notice a little more volume when I tried it.

MM Kazoo 4     MM Kazoo 3

No holes = little sound amplification

There is a thin metal plate between the two white discs which I presume vibrates to create at least the illusion of amplification.

MM Kazoo 2

But for a little kid, it was no doubt a lot of fun bellowing into it and imagining the kids on the next block could hear them!

MM Kazoo 5     Whatza matta kazoo?

Made in Hong Kong by Omara

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