BOOK REVIEW: ‘The City of Despair’ with Mickey Mouse

While looking around a local flea market, I saw a picture of Mickey Mouse (a Cast Member in costume, actually) walking through the Utilidors under Walt Disney World on the front of a book. Beside him was a sign indicating directions to Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Frontierland. Of course, this caught my attention.

Was this a Disney book I hadn’t seen nor heard of?

The City of Despair 1

The title was intriguing!

I thumbed through the pages but there was no synopsis, no author biography, and no introduction to hint at what the book was about. So I skim-read a few pages and found only one reference to Disney (a quick nod to Disneyland, but not in the context of an expose).

Some of the content seemed rather inflammatory (again, not against Disney) but I didn’t see any signs of bad language.

The City of Despair 2

I cannot find anything about the book online other than that you can buy it on Amazon. No information is available about the author either. And what about the author’s name anyway? ‘Urban Strietz’ seems like it could be a pen name, looking awfully close to Urban Streets?

Having no other information, I decided to research the publisher. There is no mention of the Scop House division or UAS anywhere on the Net, but these could have been shut down or replaced in a past restructuring. So that just left me with the Sterling Harbor Press name to google. And this is what I found:

Welcome to Sterling Publishing. Sterling Publishing is an innovative and forward-thinking publishing company committed to creating books that inspire and entertain. With over 5,000 titles in print and 60 years in business, Sterling’s reputation for publishing quality books comes from a variety of imprints led by dedicated editorial and creative design teams that bring great ideas and stories to readers of every age. From educational resources, children’s picture books, puzzles and games, adult fiction, craft and photography, cookbooks, self-help, classics and more, Sterling’s list offers something for everyone. Sterling Publishing and its crafting division, Lark Books, are based in New York City.

I cannot find anything on the Unpublishable Authors Series tagline either.

I didn’t buy the book (even though I could have had it for 50 cents) but took the above pictures for reference. If you have heard of or read this book, please leave your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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