Disney-fied Wall Clock

I had to create a new word for this post: Disney-fied. It’s what I’ve done to an old wall clock that we found upon moving into our new place. The previous inhabitant had the good idea of putting a little collector plate behind the glass where the pendulum would normally be. But we decided to swap out the plate for one of our own!

Let’s have a look so that you can see what I mean:

Disney Wall Clock 004

We’ve had this little collector plate for years, but never really had a proper place to display it. Until now!

Disney Wall Clock 005

At this point I have affixed it in place rather crudely with some folded-up cardboard. Obviously I’ll have to figure out a more decorative way to keep the plate centered.

The plate itself is rather interesting. It was sold at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and features a moment from the 1941 Disney Short called the ‘Nifty Nineties’.

Disney Wall Clock 002

Released June 30th of 1941, this Short follows Mickey Mouse as he takes his best girl Minnie out to a vaudeville show, and then out for a wild drive in an antique car. Running time is 7:33 and you can see the whole thing below:

Apart from Mickey and Minnie, the Short also features Goofy (cameo), Donald Duck (cameo), Daisy Duck (cameo), Huey (cameo), Dewey (cameo), Louie (cameo), Fred (Moore), Ward (Kimball). Fred Moore and Ward Kimball also animated parts of the Short, perhaps their own parodies as second-rate vaudeville comedians. Oh, and there’s a cow.

What do you think of our disney-fied idea?

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