Disney-Themed Telephone Collection

I like collecting multiples of a type, like in this post: Phones! Disney phones to be precise. There have been so many different styles made that every flea market and antique shop usually has one or two for sale.

Unfortunately, the proprietors seem to think that ‘Disney’ connected to ‘phone’ means ‘big money’, which is rarely the case. Most Disney phones have been produced in recent years and in large numbers of manufacture, so value, although not low should at least be reasonable.

Many of the phones in my collection were bought in charity shops. So let’s have a look:

Disney Phones 005

My wife’s least favorite

Minnie Mouse Phone 001

Room for a personalized picture in the frame

Disney Phones 001

Orange tube under rocket lights up when phone rings

Disney Phones 002

Five sayings and animation when phone rings

Disney Phones 003

Music, jokes, and movement when phone rings

Disney Phones 004

Famous style of Mickey phone, early example

The phone above has been immortalized at the Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World. It can be found ‘guarding’ the entrance to one of the buildings, as  shown below:

Pop Century Mickey Phone 1     Pop Century Mickey Phone 3

Pop Century Mickey Phone 4     Pop Century Mickey Phone 5

Now that’s a phone!

This phone style has also been rendered in miniature. Let’s have a look:

Disney Phones 006

Hallmark Ornament 2011 w/several spoken messages from Mickey

There is also a normal sized model with the touch pad instead of the rotary dial that I have. Obviously, it was produced in more modern times.

Disney Phones 007

And Mickey using his very own Mickey Mouse phone (1 1/2″ high)

I have a few more that are still in storage and when I find them, I will update this post. Each of these phones still work, but I don’t have a landline anymore!

Oh well, they make great decoration for the house.

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