Walt Disney World Red Thermos

Some things were never meant to be collectibles, but Disney fans have never let that stop them from buying and displaying all sorts of strange and wonderful things!

Would you display this in your home?

Red Thermos 001

Red Thermos 002     Red Thermos 003

Definitely different than the usual decorating object, but a thermos still has much to offer. The imagery is whimsical and nicely themed. This one being patterned after one of Walt Disney’s favorite pass times: Trains.

We see Bandleader Mickey riding Casey Jr. around the Walt Disney Resort.

Red Thermos 005

What makes a thermos more valuable is being complete, with cup and stopper and an unbroken flask liner.

Red Thermos 006

Manufactured by Aladdin

To see the lunch box that this thermos design came with, but in blue, please check out this earlier post entitled Walt Disney World Metal Lunch Box.

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