Our Disneyland Guide Books and Ephemera

In honor of the recent Disneyland 60th Anniversary show on ABC I thought I’d share a couple of things we kept from our first (and only) trip to the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Brochure 1     California Adventure Brochure 1

Guide Maps

A must-get on any trip to a Disney park! If you are fortunate enough to visit the same park at least once a year, you will have a snapshot of what was available on each of your visits. This is due to the fact that each Guide Map has just that: a map of the park in question with a complete list of attractions. Like these:

California Adventure Brochure 2


Disneyland Brochure 2

California Adventure

These are from 2013. With some new attractions and a refurbishment or two since then, the parks would look a little different now.

We tend to keep anything we get from Disney! Do you? Tell me what you think of this neat little folder:

Disneyland Folder 1

Disneyland Folder 2

I can’t remember exactly, but I think this folder was handed to us at the Howard Johnson (Good Neighbor) Hotel upon our arrival. It contained documents and tickets from our Travel Agent that had to be sent ahead for us due to the last-minute nature of our booking.

Disneyland Forlder 3

Disneyland Folder 4

The best part of these items as collectibles is that they take up very little space but bring back a lot of memories! So how many Guide Maps do you have?

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