Pixar’s Cars: Dinoco Showgirl #1

Showgirl: “A woman, typically attired in an elaborately decorated costume, who performs in a musical or theatrical production.”

In the world of Disney/Pixar’s Cars there were a few showcars (who were girls) that did wear, at least, an elaborately decorated headpiece:

Dinoco Showgirl 3

Probably a cousin of Mia and Tia

Dinoco Showgirl 1     Dinoco Showgirl 2

We know that the original dream of Lightning McQueen was to win the sponsorship for the mega-corporation Dinoco. Not in small part because Dinoco had glitz, glamour, and… Showgirls!

Dinoco Showgirl 4     Dinoco Showgirl 5

It wasn’t until McQueen met a little blue Porsche named Sally (coincidentally, also sporting a beautiful blue paint job) that his dream changed.

Dinoco Showgirl 6

These die-cast models are well done by Mattel and are made in China. So what more can we say about this Showgirl?


For more die-cast Cars characters related to sponsorship, see Pixar’s Cars: Walmart Wally Hauler by clicking the link.

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