Pixar’s CARS Walmart Wally Hauler Die-Cast

Although I realize many are not big Walmart fans, I think we all have to admit they do have some good pricing, and at times, some very good merchandise.

This is quite often true of their toy department. Over the years (since Cars was released in 2006) I’ve found some pretty awesome die-cast variations from the Cars universe at Walmart. But none with such an obvious commercial tie-in as:

Walmart Truck 1

Walmart Truck 3

Empty Packaging

I’ve always liked the packaging for the Cars die-cast models. They usually have nice backgrounds pulled from the movie. But let’s look at Wally unpacked:

Walmart Truck 4 Walmart Truck 5

Walmart Truck 6

Truth be told, I bought this variant (at a rather high price of $24.95 CAN) solely for the three Rust-eze boxes it came with. I think they are just that cool! But more on them later.

Walmart Truck 7 Walmart Truck 8

Walmart Truck 9

Ready for his close-up!

What can we say about Medicated Rust-eze Bumper Ointment – Rear End Formula? It’s rather a delicate subject and a bit personal for any rusty vehicle! But as a company, they did give Lightning McQueen his big break in racing, so they deserve some respect. And less snickering.

Walmart Truck 10

I got three whole cases! And I’ve never felt better.

Walmart also had a Mac version in red with a trailer that opened in the back so you could load (probably about) two cars inside. But I thought the Wally Hauler version was cooler and more exclusive. Calling it a Limited Edition might be a stretch, as I’m sure the production run was quite high.

So have you seen Wally Hauler in your local Walmart?

For more die-cast Cars characters related to sponsorship, see Pixar’s Cars: Dinoco Showgirl #1 by clicking the link.

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