Book Review: Walt Disney – An American Original

I love reading about all-things Disney! So naturally I have many books about Walt Disney himself, such as this one written by Bob Thomas:

Disney Books 013

Mr. Thomas had the privilege of interviewing Walt on several occasions, so this book contains what we could call ‘first-hand’ information. He also had access to family members and past and present employees to fill in the blanks, so to speak.

Disney Books 015

I didn’t find too many things in this book that I didn’t already know. When you’ve read as many biographies on Walt Disney as I have, it gets harder to find new points of interest! But Mr. Thomas covers all of the main history one would expect from a biography, not only of the man, but also of the company.

Some of the pictures contained herein claim to be unpublished, and very well they may have been back in 1976. But today, a viewer won’t find anything new, but the pictures are still awesome! Have a look:

Disney Books 017

Disney Books 018

Disney Books 019

I picked up this First Edition at a collectibles store on a day when all books were 50% off. I just seem to luck into these deals! So I was able to add this great edition to my Disney book collection for just $7.50 CAN.

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