Taking Silly Pictures at Disney

We have now taken 8 Disney vacations together as a married couple (I have gone to Walt Disney World twice as a child with my family). We hope to take our 9th trip together this coming November, but we haven’t made definite plans yet.

But each time we go on a Disney vacation, we inevitably end up with a few silly pictures of ourselves. In this post, I would like to share such pictures of me, one from each year we have gone. Let’s start with 2006:

Silly 2006

The first year we went to Walt Disney World, we stayed at the All-Star Movies Resort. We only had a cheap cell phone as a camera so we didn’t get too many good shots. But this one, taken just after check-in, was… silly. We decided that we both would buy a Disney hat and wear it everywhere in the parks. I chose Goofy!

Funny Story: While waiting outside a shop for Karen at the Magic Kingdom, I overheard a father who had obviously had enough retail for one day. It was also obvious the Disney vacation was not his idea! As he stormed out of the shop he practically ran right into me. He stopped, looked at my hat and goofy smile, and said: “Nice hat!” and then walked away with a smile on his face. I do what I can to spread Disney cheer!

Next, we visit 2007:

Silly 2007

Being a huge fan of Mr. Potato Head, I had to pose for a picture with him (or with his statue at the Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World). It occurred to me that he might be a bit stuffed-up that night as it was a bit chilly. So I offered to pick his nose for him. I’ll do anything for a celebrity!

Onward to 2008:

Silly 2008

Our third trip to Walt Disney World started with a visit to The Magic Kingdom where I was given a guest spot on local television. Although my Shakespeare was a bit rusty, it got a fair reception from the 101 Dalmatians, but Cruella De Ville was less enthusiastic. She said I played it a bit over-the-top for her taste!

Now we continue to 2009:

Silly 2009

Resort hopping at Walt Disney World is a hobby of ours, and here I am at The Contemporary Resort, in the arcade to be exact. Is this silly? Well, how many grown men do you know who would pose with a 5′ tall Mickey plush while wearing an Incredibles t-shirt and a Mickey Mouse watch?

We now move on to 2010:

Silly 2010

Browsing the retail outlets of Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World is also a must-do for us. When I saw this Mad Hatter hat, I just knew I would look better in it than Johnny Depp!

Now we skip two years and revisit the parks in 2013:

Silly 2013

Our first trip to Disneyland was memorable, but very cold. Unseasonably, as our luck would have it. But it didn’t dampen our sense of fun. Or silly. Hey, when in Rome…

Next, it was back to Walt Disney World in 2014:

Silly 2014

It was back to Resort hopping again, this time at the new Art of Animation Resort. I loved the large character statues so much that I couldn’t resist a little dance of joy! I admit that Sebastian is doing it better, but he does have more legs than me, giving him better rhythm.

Lastly, we took our first Disney Cruise in 2015:

Silly 2015

They may have had self-service gas stations along the original Route 66, but I felt that the full-service approach was more appropriate aboard the all-inclusive Disney Wonder. My only regret is that it didn’t dispense coffee!

And there you have it: 8 years of Disney silliness!

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