Zootopia ‘Mystery Minis’ Vinyl Figure

No one likes mystery meat, but everyone will love these little vinyl figures from Funko! Disney Movie Rewards is offering blind boxes containing one of twelve characters from the hit movie Zootopia. For only 500 redeemed points, you could get this in the mail:

Zootopia Mini 1

Small but exciting! Let’s open it up and see what’s inside:

Zootopia Mini 2

Zootopia Mini 3  Zootopia Mini 4

Zootopia Mini 5  Zootopia Mini 6

I don’t like buying blind boxes because in any given series, whether Vinylmation or some other product, there’s usually only a few of the figures that I would actually want to own. In this case, there was only a few I wouldn’t have been happy with, so the odds were in my favor!

Let’s continue the unpacking:

Zootopia Mini 7

Almost there!

Zootopia Mini 8     Zootopia Mini 9

Um, Chief Bogo (Idris Elba) does not look happy! I guess we took a little too long unpacking the box and getting him out of that black bag. We may be off the Force!

When I build my points back up, I may try again. I wonder what character I would get next? Have you redeemed points for a try at your favorite character? Who did you get?

Oh, and check out my Zootopia Movie Review by clicking the link.

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