Sleeping Beauty Read-Along Book and Record

In 1955 Walt Disney named the Disneyland castle after a new Princess who wasn’t to bow on the world stage for another two years. He thought it would make for good cross-promotion. Unfortunately, the film didn’t do as well with audiences as the theme park did, but has since become a Disney Classic.

But like every Disney property, it spawned many pieces of merchandise, like this wonderful record book:

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 1

These record books allowed young children to read along by themselves. They would know when to turn the pages as a chime would sound at the appropriate time.

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 2

Narration, original dialogue, authentic sound effects, musical backgrounds, and songs from the original properties were all features of these record books.

But let’s have a look at some of the artwork inside the Sleeping Beauty record book:

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 3

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 4

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 5

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 6

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 7

A coloring page was also included in this edition. Fortunately for me, as a collector, no one had actually colored in the characters!

Sleeping Beauty Reading Book 8

Disneyland Records

It’s fun to read along with these shortened versions of the classic Disney films! I picked this one up for just $4.00 CAN.

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