Secret Disney Obsessions – We All Have Them!

Today we are sharing some of our secret Disney obsessions.

So what is it with men and transportation? If it has wheels and moves, we’re all over it! I never miss a chance to ride the Tomorrowland Speedway/Autopia cars, even though I can’t breathe while doing so.

Me and Autopia

DL Hotel: I’ll even drive indoors!

I use snuggling with my wife as an excuse to ride the PeopleMover, although technically it doesn’t have wheels, but it does move! For more on my obsession with this form of Disney transportation, and many other Disney ride vehicles, just click the link.

I also love the vintage vehicles on Main Street.

Disneyland Vehicles

DL: Up or down?

I even prefer to drive to Walt Disney World instead of flying! Let’s face it, I’m hooked on Disney transportation!

But I think I come by this obsession honestly as I share it, not only with every other man on the planet, but also with Walt Disney himself. After all, who do you think put all of those wheeled wonders in the parks?

Disneyland Tram

DL: I even love riding the trams!

But my top two transportation-related Disney obsessions are the trains and monorails, both at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Train at Frontierland Station

WDW: Frontierland Station, as seen from Splash Mountain queue

Casey Jr.

DL: Casey Jr. chugging around the track

There’s nothing like the sound of a real steam locomotive! And when it travels along a scenic route such as in a Disney park, one can’t help but love the trip.

In contrast, there is also nothing quite like gliding silently along the cement beam of the monorial!

WDW Monorial Purple

WDW: Monorail Purple in Epcot

Disneyland Monorail Red

DL: Monorail Red traveling over Finding Nemo subs

Maybe it’s the extreme difference in technologies between the steam engine and the monorail that makes riding these forms of transportation so special for me. Leave it to Walt Disney to include the nostalgic right alongside the modern!

Before I conclude this post, I should confess one final transportation-related obsession:

Disney bus

WDW: I even like riding the buses!

So those are my obsessions involving Disney! What are yours? Let me know in the comments. Thank you!

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10 Responses to Secret Disney Obsessions – We All Have Them!

  1. The Disney forms of transportation are almost as good as the attractions themselves. Many times, we have jumped on a monorail just for the ride, not as a means to get from point A to point B. The same with the boats, too.

  2. Mary says:

    My son is right there with you. He does not care about any ride in the parks except for the transportation options. From tram to train to monorail. Oh, he does consider the Peoplemover a train.

  3. Pam Ilosky says:

    I love Disney transportation too! Especially the monorails. Sometimes I just get on the monorail and ride the full loop just for fun. There’s also one more Disney form of transportation-The Magical Express or the Tragic Express depending on whether you are heading back to the airport or not!

  4. I love Disney Transportation! I had the amazing opportunity to have breakfast with Bob Gurr a couple of years ago and enjoyed discussing some of his designs with him.

  5. I’m not a guy, and I could take the Tomorrowland Speedway or leave it, but I 100% agree with the rest of this post! So, I guess I’m rather obsessed with Disney transportation also! Especially the monorail. And the people mover. And the WDW Railroad.

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