Black Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock

My favorite part of using my iPhone to get up in the morning is the variety of sounds I have to choose from, and that it has a snooze feature. And it’s quiet!

When we first got the alarm clock featured in this post, we put it next to our bed. Big mistake! The ticking almost drove us mad and so we had to remove it from the room and find somewhere else to display it.

Mickey Alarm Clock 1

Mickey: “Gosh, it’s midnight!”

I have a red version of this clock somewhere, but couldn’t locate it in time for this post. But you can see a Plane Crazy version by clicking the link.

Mickey Alarm Clock 2

Them bells are loud!

Mickey Alarm Clock 3

So these alarm clocks are oxymorons because they keep you up all night with the ticking so that you don’t need to be awoken in the morning!

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