Disney’s Zootopia FLASH the Sloth Plush

‘Flash! Flash! Hundred Yard Dash!’ – Nick. Undoubtedly one of my favorite characters from Disney’s hit movie Zootopia. You can read my review by clicking the link.

I recently went to The Disney Store looking for merchandise from the new live-action Jungle Book, but found none (in case you’re wondering, TDS will not be getting any JB merchandise at all). But while looking around, I found the last  in-stock plush of:

Vintage Record Readers 001

I like his tie! Apparently, he sold out pretty fast. Ironic.

Vintage Record Readers 003     Vintage Record Readers 002

His arms can be raised. His hands are attached together so you can hang him from something, much like a real sloth in the wild would hang from a tree.

Vintage Record Readers 004

Disney Store Exclusive

For more Zootopia character merchandise, check out my post entitled Zootopia ‘Mystery Minis’ Vinyl Figure.

To conclude, here is some trivia about Flash from Disney Wiki:

  • His actor Raymond S. Persi previously voiced Gene and Zombie from Wreck-It Ralph, and the Horn from Get a Horse!.
  • It is implied that Flash got his nickname due to his love of drag racing.
  • Ironically, Flash’s license plate is “FST NML”.
  • Flash’s hair cut is based on the hairstyle of co-director Byron Howard.
  • It takes Flash an hour to tie his tie.
  • Flash and Nick went to high school together and were both members of the track team.
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