20,000 Leagues Deep Sea Treasure Hunt Game

I hate playing board games! But for some unknown reason I love collecting vintage Disney board games. I think it’s because of the beautiful artwork:

Vintage Record Readers 018

Vintage Record Readers 019

There are many versions of this game produced by Disney as this was a very popular property for the studio. This version is a standard board-playing style made in 1954 by Jaymar Games.

Speaking of the artwork, as usual, some artistic license was taken with the images used. For example, there are two different types of underwater suits depicted on the box cover, when only one style was used in the movie (Editor’s Note: Thanks to a knowledgeable reader, Nautilusnut, we have new information about these suits. Please check the comments to learn of their correct use in the film.) Also, this game is based on finding treasure, when only two characters in the movie sought treasure, and this was only a sub-plot in the original movie.

However, this in no way detracts from the fun of the game!

Vintage Record Readers 021

Vintage Record Readers 022

Game board label and playing surface

So what is the object of the Deep Sea Treasure Hunt game? Have a look at the official rule sheet from inside the box:

Vintage Record Readers 024

See a problem?

Again, some license had to be taken to make the game work. The object is to submerge your diver 20,000 leagues beneath the sea. This is impossible! Please see my earlier post entitled Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Electric Quiz Game for an explanation of why. The answer is in the Fun Fact at the end of the post.

Getting back to the game in this post, the spinner is quite nice:

Vintage Record Readers 023

That’s a very colorful Nautilus!

I picked this game up for just $15.00 CAN because it has some damage issues on the box. The rest of the game is in very good condition with all of the parts present.

Vintage Record Readers 025

I’m red!

I hope you enjoyed this post featuring a vintage Disney game. For more interesting games that have been released throughout the years, check out the post entitled:

Disney Game Night

You’ll find no less than 15 titles!

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2 Responses to 20,000 Leagues Deep Sea Treasure Hunt Game

  1. nautilusnut says:

    I enjoyed reading your comments about this game, being a 20,000 Leagues collector, however you made a mistake when you commented that there was only one style of dive suit. There were actually 3 used and the two on the box are correct for the crew. (These helmets are called the “crown top” and “baldy” respectively. Nemo had his own style so that makes 3 total.

    • disneynouns says:

      Thanks for the correction! It’s important to me for the blog to be as accurate as possible, so I’ll make a note in the post directing people to your comment.

      Thanks again for the information and taking the time to comment!

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