Disney’s Read-Along Books and Records from the 1970’s

Welcome to more of my record/book collection! This post will feature releases from 1973 and 1977.

Vintage Record Readers 046

Robin Hood

This is the only version I have from 1973. It now carries the tag line “Walt Disney Productions’ Story of” instead of the earlier “Walt Disney Presents” and “Walt Disney’s Story of” tag lines.

Vintage Record Readers 047

The coloring page is now gone with the extra page being used to finish the story. As with most record/books, the original story is pretty much in tact. It also includes two songs from the film: ‘The Phony King of England’ and ‘Oo-De-Lally’.

Now let’s visit 1977:

Vintage Record Readers 040


This story is altered somewhat, with Monstro the whale not making an appearance, and that part of the tale being all-but ignored. The book simply says Pinocchio had adventures which taught him enough lessons to earn his transformation into a real boy.

Vintage Record Readers 041

The coloring page is back!

Vintage Record Readers 042


A major story deviation happens in this reader! Bambi’s mother does not get shot by Man, but simply disappears from the storyline midway through the book.

Vintage Record Readers 043

The coloring page in this book is actually a continuation from the story, which is new for these readers.

The last record/book I have from the date of 1977 has a new tag line: “Authorized Walt Disney Productions’ Edition” of

Vintage Record Readers 044

The Rescuers

Disney decided to spare young readers from the grizzly end of the villain with this record/book. We do see Medusa climbing up the boats smoke stack, but only to yell about the loss of her diamond. In the movie, her alligators turn on her and are ready to eat her!

Vintage Record Readers 045

Unfortunately, the coloring page is again missing from this release!

I have a bonus record/book for you! I don’t know the date for it, but it does have a special feature:

Vintage Record Readers 048

101 Dalmatiens

Although I can’t read this French edition, I can tell from the pictures that the story has been significantly altered. Disney once again spares young readers from the horrible car accident that kills Cruella De Ville in the movie.

Vintage Record Readers 049

And no coloring page again!

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  1. Dan Wolfie says:

    I have some of those read-alongs as well! Here’s a review I did as the Big Bad Wolf of the “Robin Hood” read-along. I criticize the substitute voice actors and the way they have children sing the songs…

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