Mickey & Minnie Cookie Jar

What’s red, white and blue all over? With mice on it? In your kitchen? Hopefully not your cookie jar, but there is a cookie jar that fits this description:

Cookie Jar 018

Modern Mickey and Minnie

This is another Value Village find that came to me from a friend and that was purchased for just one Canadian dollar! You can buy it on eBay today for just under $15.00 American.

It is approximately 7″ tall with the lid. The opening is approximately 3 1/2″ in diameter.

Cookie Jar 019

Mickey profiles, Mickey hands, and stars motif

This nice little cookie jar was probably sold in the late eighties or sometime in the nineties. It’s capacity is a tad small, but that should help the diet, eh? Apparently this was sold as a premium with the purchase of a Hallmark Keepsake ornament. There were matching mugs available.

Cookie Jar 020

Motif is repeated on the lid

Not it’s on the bottom of the cookie jar that we find the most intriguing feature:

Cookie Jar 021


Just the other day I was lamenting that my current cookie jar wasn’t microwave safe. But thanks to Disney, I can now warm up my cookies right in the jar!

Hmmmm! Warm cookies.

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