Guardians of the Galaxy STARLORD Tsum Tsum

The title of this post probably sounds like a foreign language to some readers, but to fans of the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, it indicates their leader: Starlord

Starlord Tsum Tsum 001

Tsum Tsum

Of course, the above repetition of words might be harder to understand! Here is the official description from the Disney Store: “Join the craze that began in Japan! Our “Tsum Tsum” Plush Collection is full of the fluffiest friends, and is now on mugs, dishes, iPhone covers and more!

There are three main categories of Tsum Tsums: Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. The last category is where our Starlord example comes from.

Starlord Tsum Tsum 002     Starlord Tsum Tsum 003

Not the handsomest Tsum Tsum out there!

I have resisted jumping on the Tsum Tsum bandwagon until recently when I saw this example on sale for just $1.49 at a local Disney Store (regular price is $5.95). For that discounted price, I felt I would temper my aversion to the craze and buy one. But only one!

This product line joins Trading Pins, Vinylmations, and countless other character-based gimmicks in Disney’s ongoing attempt to part us from our money by turning us all into obsessive collectors.

With that in mind, it didn’t take Disney long to capitalize on the popularity of the Tsum Tsum by releasing medium versions ($12.95), large versions ($24.95), mugs ($12.95), iPhone covers ($39.95), a clothing line, and also vinyl versions.

Starlord Tsum Tsum 004     Starlord Tsum Tsum 005

Detailing is quite well done

One problem I see with this line of merchandise is the size of these mini plush versions. Take a look at what happens when the labels are added:

Starlord Tsum Tsum 006     Starlord Tsum Tsum 007

Am I buying Starlord or labels?

Four labels for such a small product seem excessive, especially when two of them basically say the same thing: Marvel.

I guess I felt kind of sorry for the little galactic hero, sitting in his discount bin, without a friend in the world. And now I can say I own at least one Tsum Tsum. But only one!

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