Under the Sea Base Alpha at Epcot

OK, ‘under the sea’ is usually Ariel’s territory, but today she is just going to have to give a little bit of it up to her fishy friends. And a couple of scuba divers.

Welcome to the tank of Sea Base Alpha:

Epcot Tank 1

Beautiful establishing shot

Epcot Tank 2

Here’s one of those divers now!

Epcot Tank 3     Epcot Tank 4

Always dive with a buddy

Epcot Tank 5

Just out for an afternoon glide

Epcot Tank 7

Those Hidden Mickeys are everywhere!

Now you would think that inside the tank would be where all the danger was to be found. But as the hapless man below is about to find out, danger can be anywhere:

Epcot Tank 8

Fish are friends. Humans are food!

The Living Seas in Epcot is an excellent place to visit if you like edutainment, talking turtles, and yes, that little element of danger!

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