Epcot – Art of Disney Exhibits

One of the best things about visiting a Disney park is the shopping. And I especially love browsing the art stores! In Epcot there is the Art of Disney in Future World.

It’s a unique shopping experience with many prints, photos and even real paintings of the Disney World Parks and characters. You can also see the artist in residence working on current projects, but more on him later.

So without further ado, here are some of the exhibits to be seen in the Art of Disney store:

Art of Disney 1

Art of Disney 2     Art of Disney 3

Art of Disney 4

Hard to resist this Autopia/Speedway inspired print!

Art of Disney 5

Mickey and a Steam Train = Walt’s Spirit!

Art of Disney 6     Art of Disney 8

Art of Disney 7     Art of Disney 9

So many great works of art, unfortunately out of my budget! But maybe someday…

Now to visit the artist in residence. You may be surprised to see who it is today:

Art of Disney 10

OK, is that Huey, Dewey, or Louie?

Well, whichever one it is, note what he is working on! It’s the famous Mickey-themed rendering of Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self Portrait. For more on this piece, and the Walt-themed version as well, and another Rockwell picture that (doesn’t quite) feature Donald’s three nephews, check out the link!

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