Disney Bus Advertising Signs

Walt Disney World is unique because of its size. To help guests get around there is a need for a huge network of transportation vehicles, mainly buses:

Disney Transportation Ads 1

Newer design

But it’s what’s inside these buses that interests us today. As you are traveling from Resort to Theme Park, you can always find something to read on the upper walls of the bus. Things like this humorous reminder from Timon and Pumba:

Disney Transportation Ads 2

That probably hurt a little bit

There are several variations of these warning signs with our hapless duo getting hurt because of ignoring the simplest of safety directions.

But you will also be subjected to movie promotions, and product pushing, like:

Disney Transportation Ads 3

Mrs. Incredible captures your memories

These examples come from 2014 so likely you will find different advertisements when you next visit Walt Disney World. But one thing is certain: You. Will. See. Advertisements!

Do you like this or does it annoy you?

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