BOOK REVIEW: Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading

This series of books consisted of new stories and adventures and special adaptions of the Disney classics. Many favorite characters were used to assist youngsters in exploring the wonderful world of reading (appropriate, eh?)

By using simple vocabulary and exciting new illustrations that fully explained the text, these books were designed to encourage youngsters to read by themselves.

I have two from this series to share with you today. First is a continuation of the world created in the Devil’s Bayou for The Rescuers:

WWoR Books 001

The swamp folks return

This story rewrites the ending of the original movie to leave Madame Medusa and Mr. Snoops in the Bayou, still looking for treasure.

WWoR Books 005  WWoR Books 006

Beautiful artwork

Let’s have a look at the story as it unfolds:

WWoR Books 007

Still looking for treasure, no matter who it hurts

As the dastardly duo dig here and there, they uproot and/or bury the swamp folks! This must stop…

WWoR Books 008

Evinrude flies again!

Evinrude flies to the affected folks and promises to go to The Rescuers for help. A change from the original movie is that this character can now talk…

WWoR Books 009

Captain Orville at your service

So Bianca and Bernard race off to the Bayou once more to see what they can do…

WWoR Books 010

“Thank you for flying Albatross Air!”

So as not to spoil the book for you and your youngsters, suffice to say that Bianca and Bernard are able to foil and chase away Madame Medusa and Mr. Snoops so that the swamp folks are safe once again. Until the next book anyway!

WWoR Books 011

Time to leave

All’s well that ends well! To see more of The Rescuers, check out this earlier post featuring a read-along book.

Now let’s have a look at the second book:

WWoR Books 003

Another fine mess he’s gotten himself into!

Mr. Toad just can’t help himself! He’s always getting into trouble and hurting his friends along the way. This book is about a bicycle, some hurt feelings, an apology, and maybe a new beginning for Mr. Toad…

WWoR Books 012  WWoR Books 013

Again, nice simplified artwork

So the story all begins with the need to mail a letter…

WWoR Books 014

That’s not his bike!

Even though Mr. Toad is warned that MacBadger’s bike has no brakes, he just can’t resist the call of the open road…

WWoR Books 015

And it doesn’t end well!

After having wrecked MacBadger’s bike, Mr. Toad faces the loss of his friend…

WWoR Books 016

Mr. Toad tries to do his own paperwork

Soon Mr. Toad realizes just how much he needs his trusted friend…

WWoR Books 017

It was a dark and stormy night

Mr. Toad heads out into the Wild Wood to find MacBadger and bring him back…

WWoR Books 018

Time to apologize

Mr. Toad convinces MacBadger to come back to Toad Hall…

WWoR Books 019

Will he or won’t he?

After buying MacBadger a new bike, Mr. Toad is tempted to steal it again, but he doesn’t… for now!

Both books are well done with nice artwork and simple stories that are fun and educational. I would give them a 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

There are literally dozens of these books in the series, as the lady I picked these up from (at a yard sale) said she had over 70 in her collection. These two were doubles she was selling off to buy more she didn’t have yet. You can still find these books on eBay and Amazon.

These books came from The Disney Book Club back in the day, and this club is still going. Simply click the link and you can get your youngsters started in the wonderful world of reading today!

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