Mickey Mouse Clubhouse WOODEN TRACTOR Set

So who has enjoyed the CGI Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon series? Even though I don’t have kids, I have to admit to watching it on several occasions. And just how can you get that great theme song out of your head? Hot Dog!

Not much of the merchandise from this franchise has appealed to me… until now:

Mickey Tractor 1

Who are Melissa & Doug?

Apparently, with a little help from Google, I found that Melissa & Doug is a brand name best known for their line of educational toys. Below is a bio page from their official blog:

M&D Bio Page

And now on to the particular toy that this post is dedicated to. On the bottom of the box, we are told: “Oh boy! Farmer Mickey is ready to get playtime rolling with this wooden tractor. Help pull the horse, cow, and bales of hay and send Mickey on adventures galore.”

Mickey Tractor 3

Indeed it is!

First, we will look at Farmer Mickey, from both sides:

Mickey Tractor 4     Mickey Tractor 5

This is a very high quality wooden toy with many cool features. Let’s look at the whole thing all laid out for play:

Mickey Tractor 6

Nice Mickey Hand feature on the side of the tractor

So the horse and cow are rather generic, not Disney-fied, which is fine. The two bales of hay are a nice touch. Mickey is removable. And again from the bottom of the box we read “Lift off the trailer railing to make a farm fence!

Here is how that looks:

Mickey Tractor 7

That is one small pen!

Hidden Mickeys abound:

Mickey Tractor 8

Not-so Hidden Mickey

Mickey Tractor 9

Information Sticker on bottom of toy

This is listed for children of 3 years and up, and is made for either gender.

Anyone for a rousing rendition of Old MacDonald’s Farm before we end this post? No? Well, maybe next time perhaps.

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