Pixar’s CARS BESSIE Diecast Model

Well, Mater might be willing to give two of his left lug nuts for a chance to work with Bessie, but I’m only willing to pay $11.94 plus tax.

Bessie from Cars 1

Bessie die-cast model

Bessie from Cars 2

Cars die-cast models have been out for years in multitudinous versions but I have never seen Bessie until now. Disney/Pixar knows how to keep a cash cow alive and well!

Bessie from Cars 6

Bessie from Cars 4  Bessie from Cars 3

This is a very well done piece, with a great level of detail

Bessie from Cars 5

Equipment surface MAY be hot?

Bessie from Cars 7

Don’t worry, she’s just taking a break

Bessie will make a fine addition to my Cars die-cast collection. And I didn’t even have to break any laws in Radiator Springs to get some time with her!

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