I really didn’t know what to call this thing! Years ago I found the Mickey figure alone at a yard sale but couldn’t get it to work. Just recently I found the complete item at another yard sale and it all works perfectly.

Let’s have a look:

Mickey Prospector Night Light 005

Mickey is a bit messy!

This is a combination ‘toy’ for a boy or a girl who might be afraid of the dark. First, the gems, treasure chest, and lantern light up to provide a nightlight. This can be battery-powered, but if you intend to leave it on all night, there is a 3 volt DC input.

Mickey Prospector Night Light 006     Mickey Prospector Night Light 007

Mickey’s head also moves

As you can see, Mickey can be lifted off the base and used for a flashlight for those late visits to the bathroom. Or fridge. Hey, I’m not judging!

Mickey Prospector Night Light 004     Mickey Prospector Night Light 003

Lights would show up better in complete darkness

Once you turn the Mickey figure on, the light shines. But when you place him on the base, a switch turns the light off until needed. And what fun can you have with Mickey’s light?

Prospector Mickey Light Pattern 005

It’s a heart! (and can you see the rainbow?)

Now let’s see what we get when Mickey is closer to the wall:

Prospector Mickey Light Pattern 004

It’s a smaller heart!

Or some weird interdimensional portal. We will ever see Mickey again?

Before we continue, I should mention that there is no manufacturer stamped on the base or figure. It simply says ‘Disney’ and ‘Made in China’.

Mickey Prospector Night Light 010     Mickey Prospector Night Light 009

Battery compartment is in the backpack (2 x AAA’s)

Oh but we’re not finished with the batteries yet!

Mickey Prospector Night Light 008

Battery compartment (2 x C’s) and bulb compartment

This was hard to photograph well due to the flash washing out the lights. Without the flash, it wasn’t light enough to get a good shot. But I hope you get the idea!

Here is one last shot of Prospector Mickey on his base, tipped back just enough to light up his heart-shaped lantern:

Mickey Prospector Night Light 011

Mickey will light the way!

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