Walt Disney World ‘2000’ Collector Plate

Most of the year-themed collectors merchandise tends to be a bit generic. Just a bunch of Disney characters standing around a number while smiling and waving. So if you buy a 2016 t-shirt at Walt Disney World to commemorate your visit, you will have only the remainder of the year to wear it, and then it really had nothing to offer.

The commemorative plate that I am sharing in this post fits the year-themed design standard. Let’s have a look and then we can discuss why this plate will have more staying power than that 1997 coffee mug in your cupboard:

2000 Collector Plate 003

2000 – Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand

This was a big celebration for Walt Disney World if not the whole real world. Of course we were all waiting for our computers to explode but still managed to get to the parks for some fun.

2000 Collector Plate 001     2000 Collector Plate 002

Nice packaging

The original price for this plate was $25.00 US which was probably a bit pricey back in 2000. They are common today being found on any resale sight for considerably less. I paid just $12.50 CAN for this one.

2000 Collector Plate 004

For decorative purposes only

This plate has been in its packaging since it was purchased and still has the price sticker affixed to the plate itself.

So back to the year-themed design. Because the year 2000 was a world milestone, this plate, and by extension perhaps any of the 2000 themed merchandise, has more staying power. Displaying this would make sense.

What some people thought did not make sense was this:

Spaceship Earth 2000

Spaceship Earth with Mickey Hand & 2000 Emblem

The wand and “2000” were installed in celebration of the new millennium, but the ‘2000’ was changed to “Epcot” in 2001. The Mickey hand and wand remained atop Spaceship Earth until it was removed in 2007, just in time for Epcot’s 25th anniversary. Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand was the theme song for the Epcot Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World that ran from October 1999 to January 1, 2001.

I wasn’t there to see the ‘2000’ but did see the ‘Epcot’ emblem during my first trip to Walt Disney World with my wife in 2006. It’s interesting that the plate design does not include this feature atop Spaceship Earth.

So did you appreciate the addition of the wand and emblems atop Spaceship Earth?

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