LAMPWICK Figurine from Pinocchio

Over the years I’ve watched The Antiques Roadshow hoping to see some Disney items. But they don’t show up very often. But recently an episode had an unusual find:

Pinocchio figurine 002

Lampwick Plaster Figurine

This is Pinocchio’s main friend in the movie but also the one who draws the poor puppet into all sorts of trouble. Trouble like being turned into a donkey! This figurine is a sculpt of the character in his donkey form.

Pinocchio figurine 001

Looks pretty angry!

The expert surmised that this was a rare plaster casting used by animators as a reference while animating the character. If so, this figurine would be valuable indeed, as they were not sold to the public. So finding one in circulation is rare!

But looking at the poor quality of the casting makes me wonder if this is true. And I thought that each reference figure was made as a one-off in clay and that multiple copies were not made. But if the expert is right, it was a find for the owner!

Pinocchio figurine 003

The price is right!

I wish I had found this figurine!

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