The Wonderful Worlds of Walt Disney BOOK SET

Once again the idle thought to stop at a yard sale has yielded yet another great addition to my growing Disney book collection. This time I’ve found a beautiful set of four hardcover volumes from 1965. Complete and with the original cover sleeve no less! This is especially precious to me as that is the year I was born and I love finding things from my birth date.

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 1

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 2

From Golden Press

As mentioned, there are four volumes to this set. And they are:

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 3

This volume starts out with Disney animated and live-action movies that are set in other lands. It then segways into chapters adapted from the motion pictures series ‘People and Places’ and then goes back to Disney’s library of fictitious characters from around the world.

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 4

This volume mostly focuses on Disney animated and live-action films depicting historical characters.

Fun Fact: This volume has a picture of Br’er Rabbit on the cover who is from Disney’s ‘banned’ Song of the South movie. What is even more interesting is that it contains the Tar Baby story which is one of the main reasons the movie will never be released. There are so many examples of bits and pieces of the Song of the South being released in video compilations and in print, so why not just release the movie?

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 5

This volume focuses on creatures from the ‘True-Life Adventures’ series and also contains chapters containing pictures of many strange and unusual animals.

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 6

This volume contains mostly stories from Disney’s animated fables. Here is the title page:

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 8

Each volume has a similar title page as well as a contents page with a forward like this one:

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 9

Each of the four volumes have the same inner sleeve design:

Wonderful Worlds of WD Books 7

 All in all this is a very nice set which must have delighted children back in 1965!

Fun Fact: This set of books contain stories that have been published before and after its production date. One such duplication is the stories of Mother Goose done over with a Disney twist. To read a review of that book, please see the post entitled Book Review: Walt Disney’s Mother Goose. I guess if a story works, why not keep publishing it?

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