Winnie the Pooh NIGHTLIGHT

Or… is it? This little ceramic piece is quite a mystery. It resembles other nightlights in structure but I can’t figure out how any light would escape it if it had a bulb in it.

Let’s have a look together:

Winnie the Pooh Night Light 1

Roughly 4″ square and 2″ deep

Uses aside, it will make a great display piece with a classic style Pooh and a charming little blue bird. He is sitting on a window ledge looking out with the inside shutters open.

Now let’s have a look at the back so we can ponder our mystery:

Winnie the Pooh Night Light 3

Stamped ‘Disney’

It is the perfect size for a nightlight bulb to fit inside. Also note the notches at the bottom which would allow a base to be slid in. Presumably the same base would have prongs for plugging into an outlet. If it is indeed a nightlight shade.

Winnie the Pooh Night Light 2

Well, with a little research I have found a ceramic Winnie the Pooh nightlight that will help us to confirm once and for all that our example is also a nightlight:

Example 1     Example 2

Same material and rear configuration

And my wife has conducted an experiment to determine if light could indeed shine through such a dense ceramic shell, and if so, how much. I am missing the nightlight mechanism so she held it up to a ceiling light and it does indeed light up! The light shows through the window panes. So it wouldn’t give much light, but it would try.

Mystery solved.

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