Mickey Mouse Spin-A-Round GAME

It’s time for another post about Disney games! So gather the kids and get ready to see Mickey Mouse deal some cards and match you with some fun:

Spin Around Game Box

If magic was only dealing cards…

This game has nothing to do with magic. It is simply a card matching game to help youngsters between the ages of 4-7 develop memory skills.

Spin Around Game 002

Spin Around Game 003

The rules are simple: The game is played in rounds. In each round of play, the Mickey dealer is spun, cards are picked and the Magic Card is matched or put out of play. For more detailed instructions, please read the following pages:

Spin Around Game 009

Spin Around Game 010

Spin Around Game 011

Produced in 1986 by Milton Bradley Co.

There are 8 Goofy cards, 8 Donald Duck cards, and 8 Mickey Mouse cards to match:

Spin Around Game 019

The magic cards are divided into 2 each of double Goofy, Donald, and Mickey cards:

Spin Around Game 020

Then there are 2 each of mixed pair Goofy, Donald, and Mickey cards:

Spin Around Game 021

And lastly there are 4 triple match cards:

  Spin Around Game 022

The game I purchased for $7.50 CAN was complete except for some stickers that were to go on Dealer Mickey.

In conclusion, there was also a pamphlet in the box for other Disney games by Milton Bradley:

Spin Around Game 015  Spin Around Game 014

So which of these games do you have?

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