Places: Walt Disney World All-Star Sports Value Resort Review

Today we are sharing our review of a value resort at Walt Disney World.


All Star Sports

I’ll admit right off the bat (pun intended) that this isn’t everyone’s favorite value resort. Unless you’re heavily into sports most find the decor pretty un-Disney. However, because of this, you will usually be able to find a room here when all other value resorts are full!

Other than that, the amenities are very comparable with other All-Star resorts.

Location: You will be closest to Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Bus Route: Remember that the three All-Star resorts are on the same line, so expect long travel times. From the attractions, you get to Sports first, then Music, and lastly Movies. So coming ‘home’ you are the first to be let off. But leaving for the attractions can be time-consuming as buses may be full coming from other All-Star resorts.

Sports Layout

Rooms: So if you want to be close to the main pool and the Stadium Hall (where your food and buses are) than request buildings 1 or 4. If you like it quiet request buildings 2, 3 or 5. Keep in mind that building 2 has its own little pool for convenience.

End Zone Food Court

Theming: Again many people aren’t wowed by the theming of All-Star Sports. But it follows the same pattern of oversized props as the other All-Star resorts do.

Huge Helmets

I’ve stayed at Pop Century, All-Star Movies and Music, but never All-Star Sports. I intend to one day just to say that I’ve done them all! But I’ll likely try out the Art of Animation first. Maybe that sums up this resort only too well? Unless you’re really into sports!

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8 Responses to Places: Walt Disney World All-Star Sports Value Resort Review

  1. I’m a sports fan so we enjoyed our one stay here. The pools are really fun, especially the one with the surf boards. đŸ™‚

  2. mary says:

    This is my FAVORITE value resort. Especially with boys. We let them run wild in the evenings on the football field. There is always someone starting up a game.

    It also doesn’t hurt that All Star Sports is also the first bus stop of the three.

  3. All Star Sports is the only one we haven’t stayed at. I can see this being a good option for a boys trip someday. But hey, at that price, I’d be willing to stay there too.

  4. I will admit this is the one value resort I haven’t stayed at, mostly because of the themeing and bus route. I’d like to give it a try eventually though – I’m thinking if I take a trip with my brother he’s big into sports so he might enjoy it!

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