Choo-Choo Mickey HALLMARK Keepsake Ornament

I love Mickey Mouse. I love trains. I love toys. I love collectibles. Who knew I could fulfill all of these loves in just one piece of Disneyana?

Choo Choo Mickey 3

A pull-cord and wheels? Gimme!

This is a Keepsake Ornament from Hallmark by artist Nello Williams. You can see another ornament in my collection by Mr. Williams by checking out the post entitled Mickey Mouse: Born to Ride. It’s another transportation-themed offering.

Choo Choo Mickey 1     Choo Choo Mickey 2

I find the best ornaments are those that are designed to be timeless and so can be displayed year round.

Choo Choo Mickey 4          Choo Choo Mickey 5

This ornament plays into several Disney themes. Walt was well-known for his love of trains. He also collected and studied toys so as to better understand children and also for use in designing attractions for Disneyland. Mickey has also had a long history with transportation, using almost every form of it in his many Shorts.

Choo Choo Mickey 6

Choo-Choo! Toot Toot!

When Hallmark releases ornaments like these it’s like taking candy from a baby when I walk into the store! They just ask for my wallet and direct me to the display wall.

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