SONG OF THE SOUTH – Never Forget the Past!

I follow a blog called Mr. Fun’s Journal created by and basically about the experiences of Disney Legend Floyd Norman. He is an African-American Disney animator who often has some very pointed things to say.

Recently he posted something about The Song of the South that I appreciated in a post he called Forgetting History is Never a Good Idea.

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You can see the image above and read his thoughts on the current situation of this classic movie by clicking the links above. I highly recommend it as he, as an African-American, makes some very insightful comments. Among them he says:

It is with deep regret the film remains mired in accusations of racism and insensitivity to African-Americans. Those who know their Disney history know this is exactly what Walt Disney hoped to avoid.”

With all the fluff pieces on the Internet these days, this is refreshingly something meaningful to read!

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  1. TeresaR says:

    i greatly enjoyed reading Mr Fun’s blog. I will now be following him as well.

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